Title Agents Follow Code of Ethics

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Blog

When it comes to assisting you with one of life’s biggest financial investments, you need to know you have a title company you can trust. But instead of relying on blind faith, you may want to instead consider whether your title company adheres to a code of ethics.


The American Land Title Association, or ALTA, long had a code of ethics, but it dropped it in 2000 over a problematic grievance process. Eventually it was replaced by the ALTA Principles of Fair Conduct which essentially serves as its modern code of ethics today. State associations have also adopted the principles as their own code of ethics in whole or in part.


Today, River Valley Title Group, as a member of ALTA, adheres to the ALTA Principles of Fair Conduct, along with both the Wisconsin Land Title Association Code of Ethics and the Minnesota Land Title Association Code of Ethics, covering both states in which it operates.


That’s important because adherence means the title company commits itself to honesty, integrity, thoroughness; keeping the customer paramount in all transactions; adhering to all state and federal regulations; and providing proper training and instruction for all employees to maintain professional competence.


The training not only covers the basics of understanding compliance and managing funds appropriately but also instills skills to recognize and prevent fraud. It also provides scenarios for understanding how the principles apply in everyday operations. It’s a comprehensive approach that is all about serving and protecting customers.


Karen Koogler, principal at real estate education firm The Koogler Group, once said “Ethical decision-making requires…checking with our hearts as well as our heads, and balancing instinct with logic.” That’s a succinct description of what a good code of ethics will inspire. And we believe that’s something to exemplify.