3 Tips for a COVID-safe Closing

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Blog

The world of real estate is adjusting to a different world

COVID-19 has put much of the world on pause, yet real estate transactions continue. The key for buyers, sellers and all real estate and title professionals is to ensure we’re making wise choices that protect our health and health of others. The stakes are high during this time, and we are mindful of the risks and staying aware of regulations and best practices. We know you want to do your part, too, so here’s a rundown of tips to create a COVID-safe closing.


Coronavirus and real estate closings

When it’s time to close on your real estate transaction, how can we collectively ensure a COVID-safe closing? At River Valley Title Group, we’re taking a number of steps to protect public health and the health of our clients. For these steps to work, we need your help. Here’s where you come in.


Tip #1: Make an appointment.

In late March, we made our offices open by appointment only. This decision protects the health and safety of our professional partners, clients and customers, as well as our employees. We carefully considered the guidance of federal, state and local authorities.

It’s natural for questions to arise during the process, and although our offices aren’t open for walk-ins, we are here for you. Our staff is available remotely — just give us a call or reach out electronically.


Tip #2 Help minimize risk of spread. 

We now know that even healthy individuals can speed the spread of this virus, so it’s important for all of us to take precautions and find a new path toward closing. We’re fortunate to live in a time when electronic completion of documents is fast, safe and free of direct contact. For sellers, we encourage pre-signing of documents. Buyers, however, must close in person to meet notarized signature requirements.

Practice good personal hygiene prior to your time at the office, including thorough handwashing. Refraining from bringing food and drink to the office will further enhance safety. And if anyone in your party doesn’t feel well at the time of closing, please don’t put others at risk. Contact us to make special arrangements, and we’ll formulate a plan B together.


Tip #3 Practice social distancing.

In the event that both sellers and buyers appear at closing, we’ll take extra steps to ensure everyone stays healthy. First, we ask that clients and closers only attend the closing, not agents or mortgage consultants. We’re also looking out for you by separating buyers and sellers into different rooms, which helps facilitate social distancing protocols.


Closing in a time of coronavirus

To make sure your closing is a success, we all have to do our part. If local regulations call for you to wear a face mask or follow other guidelines, we encourage you to do so. These recommendations often change quickly, so stay informed and follow recommendations of government officials and health professionals, for everyone’s well-being.

Your health is of the utmost importance to us. We know you have the freedom to choose your title insurance company, and we want to assure you during this crisis, as always, we have your best interests at heart. Thank you for helping us create a COVID-safe closing for everyone involved.